Send a Galaxy of Gratitude - It's FREE! 

Before you click on the button below to send someone a Galaxy of Gratitude, here are a couple things I want to you to understand (also make sure you're okay with them):  

  • I am not a professional artist, I learned how to paint watercolor galaxies from Youtube videos. The galaxies are not perfect quality pieces but I spend a lot of time making them with love. Though they do look better in pictures than IRL. 
  • The galaxies come randomly, you can't pick the style. You'll find out what your friend is getting when it's ready to be shipped. 
  • I have no control over delivering time. The galaxies are first come first serve and I make them whenever I feel like painting more of them. 
  • US ONLY! The Galaxy of Gratitude project is completely free at no cost to you, I take care of the shipping cost. If you're looking to send in out of US, please contact me at
  • I will be posting every single Galaxy of Gratitude in the Galaxies Gallery. Each of them comes with a short paragraph of my relationship with that galaxy. 
  • Please make sure you agree with everything listed above and take your time to fill out the form by clicking the "I'm ready to send a Galaxy!" button below.