How does The Galaxy of Gratitude work?

I consider myself as the gratitude deliver, you can submit a request to send a piece of my galaxy art work to someone you want to express gratitude to. On the back of each Galaxy of Gratitude is a hand-written note from you to the person you want to thank.

I will take care of the shipping, and send them to whoever you want it to send to. Click on Send a Galaxy on the right to learn more about how to send one! 

Who can I send The Galaxy of Gratitude to?

Anyone! People you're grateful for can be anyone in your life. I use "friend" as an example but you can send the galaxy to anyone you want to express your gratitude to.

You can even send it to yourself if you wanted to. If you read the galaxy story #001 I sent that galaxy to myself in a way of reminding myself that I can overcome anything if I stay positive and keep practicing having an attitude of gratitude. 

Why do I have to submit a background of my relationship with the galaxy receiver?

Each galaxy contains a story, and I want to keep the story flowing. While I'm not asking for money as a currency exchange, I am asking you something that could help me understand why this project interest you and why you're grateful for the person you're sending the galaxy to. The galaxy will be posted with a story of how I relate to what you sent me, but don't worry, none of your gratitude note to the other person will be posted on the internet without consent from you. 

About the Galaxy of Gratitude art pieces:

The sizes of the galaxies are between 2-5 inches circle, it depends on what round container I use to draw my circles. They are definitely not perfectly circled shape after I cut them out. I use watercolor and watercolor pencils to make the galaxies, each one of them is one and only. I am not a professionally trained artist, I learned how to make watercolor galaxy from watching Youtube tutorials, and I only do it on my spare time. They are nowhere close to being a professional piece of art, but I do my best painting them, I am still learning all sorts of new color combinations.